Last updated: 3-9-2017

 Party Like The Irish!!!


The Doggy Few: Irish and Scottish Party Music!



Enthusiastic, upbeat and cheerful dancing music. Moving, funny and silly songs, stories and tunes.
The authentic Irish pub atmosphere… And a party on stage! 


Ceol agus Craic: Party like yer Irish!!! 


Listen to our music here


Who we are

The Doggy Few are a special band of friends playing traditional Irish and Scottish music.  What makes 'The Dogs' special is their skilled and very own contemporary approach towards the Irish music tunes, together with a great enthusiasm in their singing of lots and lots of well known traditional streetsongs and ballads. Songs of love, happiness, drink, despair, songs about trouble, work and war are all sung with much feeling and humor. 

But above all, the band are great friends that really love to play the Irish music together! It shows and sounds in each and every perfomance...


Please click here for videos of The Doggy Few Trad Show

Please click here for a pubshow with dance

Please click here for a video of our dance workshop with live music



The music we play

Jigs, reels and cheerful dancing music which will get your feet moving! Touching stories and silly poems. The authentic Irish pub scene… Original songs, traditionals and covers from songs by the Pogues, Dubliners, Clancys, Planxty: rough songs about booze, more booze, work, women, deceitful men and war, but also modest melancholic ballads, about love, deceit, betrayal, booze, goodbye and despair.You will hear all of the above when the Dogs are on the stage. 



Locations we play

Anywhere! We have the perfect setup for any event, varying from a duo with vocals, guitar and accordion, flute or fiddle (for cosy and easy background music), up to a TV-concert or big festivalgig with 6 musicians, with or without Irish dancers and/or an Irish or Scottish dance workshop (ceili or ceilidh).


We've already been to diners, birthdays, museums, festivals, company party's, pubs, weddings, congresses, radio- and TV-shows, even baptising events and funerals...  Take a peak in our photo's for more impressions. 



 Doggy Few @ RTL4 Big Music Quiz 2017                                                        Doggy Few with Keltisch Dansje @ Elfia Arcen 2016